In 2005 we made a service center.There are  we  repair and research various kinds electronics products problems.Then we collect  all problems solution in our computer.Then one day a mobile repairer call us for a repair solution.After that we send a repairing solution to him by mail. After receiving He work following the solution and successfully  solve her problems.Then he replay call us for helping and give thanks.After many people call us for repairing help. Then we think we can help other repairer sharing our solution.Then we fix make a repair helping website. After that select name "REPAIR HELPS". So then we make this web site and started posting.This is repairing helping site.So there are many repairs solutions  post.We have made all solution themselves.

Our work:We repair all kinds electronics products namely laptop, mobile phone,crt tv,lcd tv,all kinds monitor etc . we share repairing tips and solution and we support for repair.We have a repair expert team.We want to help and support other repairer.

Our goal : We want to make a complete  repairing support center,So we can help many repairer.In future We make a repair helping forum,so stay with us.

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