Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nokia c1-01 lcd light jumper solution

This is nokia c1-01 lecd light problem solution with apply jumper.if you have available parts of nokia c1-01 lcd light part then you repair this problem with replacing parts. If you have no light transistor only then you use this jumper  

How to repair it : Remove lcd light transistor and coil make blue jumper and make pink color two jumper.


  1. thaank you brother my problem solved

  2. Now I get light on my screen but nothing else! the light it's always on but no info in the screen what I have done wrong?

  3. Tested, my problem solved...thanks.

  4. hi
    i have nokia c1-01 and when i try to turn it on it shows nokia logo and turns off. I have reflashed it but no luck. What can i do now...
    help me

  5. Thank broo the customer was puting mie in the corner


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