Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to repair dead phone

Mobile phone is most usable electronics device.It may be damage/dead for many region.They are

1 # Water damage.
2 # Drop in to floor
3 # Suddenly dead
4 # wrong operating

Now I showing How to repair dead phone

Primary solution 

First check battery pr charge or check other battery.Next clean battery terminal and mobile phone battery connector then check If your problem still then apply major solution.

Major solution

Major solution has tow type solution 1.Software 2.hardware solution

1.Software solution: First check phone with power supply whether there is your phone sense.If you see sense ok but phone is not open then first flash your phone.If you see no sense of your phone then understand your phone is hardware problem.go to hardware solution

(a) Suddenly dead : If your phone has Suddenly off its may be software problem.
(B) Wrong operating : Maximum time has software problem for wrong operating so try to it repair with flashing.

1.Hardware general solution : (a) If you think your phone has hardware problem then open your phone first check battery connector soldering. Next check mother board short circuit if mother has short then check network ic and all main voltage capacitor.

(b) Water damage solution : If your phone has water damage then first open your phone fully clean pcb board and hit with stan laight. If problem still then rehot or re-solder  with hot gan

(C) Drop in to floor damage : Re-hot or re-solder cpu and flash ic and power ic.


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  2. its nice information and i would also like to share nice and amazing tips and tricks for cell phones

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