Privacy policy web site's privacy policy

1. This site very useful for mobile phone,laptop,desktop and  other electronics product repairing.So there are a lot of repairing related content.Maximum solution are tested and some are untested, but they used at your own risk.We do not take any responsibility.

2. Do not copy some part of any post or full post,and any picture or article .Do not copy or publish any post on other web site.

3.  If you have any Advice and idea you can tell by email or phone.

4. Google Adsense is our Advertiser so there are showing Adsense ad.

5. If you have need any help about repairing, please feel free to contact us by email or phone,we will try to solve your problem.

6.You do not publish irrelevant comments on this site but you can repair related comets.

7. If you can not understand any solution tell me,I will try to give other solution.

8.Any body can repair using our website's post or solution

9.You do not have permission porn site link submit on the comments.

10.Comment of the posts, offense, indecent, offensive or objectionable word / sentence can not be expressed.

If you require have any questions or any more information about our web site,repair solutions and our web sites privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at

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