Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to solve computer automatic restart

Computer is very necessary  in our daily life.Computer is a most sensitive electronics product so its may be many problem.Now I showing how to repair computer restart problem or how to solve computer restart problem.May be many reason for computer restart.

Problem #1 : If your computer restart when windows screen running

Solution of problem #1: Maximum  time  has  this problem  windows corrupted / Windows damage / windows file missing or effect by virus this problems solution is setup windows and scan update antivirus.

 Problem #2: If your computer restart after some time of turn on.

Solution of problem #2:  This type problem has may be damage cooling or ram Loose so check cooling fan if  necessary change cooling fan and open ram then clean ram with tissue paper or eraser after that replace ram.

How to clean ram

 Problem #3: If your computer has Suddenly restart.

Solution of problem #3: If your computer has Suddenly restart this problem has may be virus or  ram Loose so first open ram then clean ram with tissue paper or eraser after that replace ram.then check your computer if problem still then windows setup.

Problem #4:  If your computer has Suddenly restart or when electricity voltage drop/voltage up /down then restart problem.

Solution of problem #4: Maximum time This problem has for power supply weak so replace power

Problem#5 : Some time may be this problem for processor when processor weak or damage then may be has this problem.

Solution of problem #6: Try to  solve this problem replacing processor.

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