Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nokia 1800 complate hardware solution

There are nokia 1800 all hardware solution.There are Total 14 problems solution in this software.They are
1.Nokia 1800 Charging solution
2.Nokia 1800 Charging jumper
3.Nokia 1800 Mic solution
4.Nokia 1800 Ringer solution
5.Nokia 1800 Ringer ways
6.Nokia 1800 Not charging solution
7.Nokia 1800 Test mode solution
8.Nokia 1800 Power button ways
9.INokia 1800 nsert sim solution
10.Nokia 1800 Keypad solution
11.Nokia 1800 Lcd Light jumper
12.Nokia 1800 Lcd light solution
13.Nokia 1800 Network solution
14.Nokia 1800 Pa jumper


How to do operating this program :  Download this software and run program.When you run this program then you see all problems title.Choose your problems title and click on the title then you see your problems solution on your browser.

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